Global Development and World Sociology Links.

This page of links is currently under construction. The first 10 links are to resources which should be directly useful for Advanced Level Sociology students but the subsequent linked resources are more detailed and may require further clarification for Advanced Level Sociology Students. I hope to add more links in the future

  • Click here for the AQA AS and A Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources  

  • Click here for the  OCR AS and A Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources
  • The WJEC Eduqas examination board  has  provided separate Specifications  for Welsh and Non-Welsh centres.  organisation and You may  click here  to access the WJEC Eduqas Specification for Welsh Centres and  click here to access the WJEC eduqas Specification for Non-Welsh centres.

  • Also you may click here for resources provided by Eduqas for the WJEC courses


  • I have been looking at the following undergraduate textbooks on Global Development and World Sociology
    1. Global Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics [5th edition 2016] Robert O'Brien and Marc Williams. Click here for the companion website
    2. Understanding Development [2nd edition 2018] Paul Hopper Click here for further information
    3. Theories of Development: Contentions, Arguments , Alternatives [2015] Richard Peet and Elaine Hartwick Click here and follow link for a sample chapter
    4. International Development : Issues and Challenges [3rd edition 2016] Damien Kingsbury, John McKay, Janet Hunt. Mark McGillivray, Matthew Clarke. Click here for a sample chapter
    5. Global Political Economy [5th edition 2017] edited by John Ravenhill   Click here for companion website

Useful Links

Tutor2U Resources on Economic Development

Revision Booklet: Global Development [from The Sociology Guy]

Revision notes: Global Development

Global Development: Revision PPT  [from The Sociology Guy]

PPT on Modernisation and Dependency Theory

The Sociology Guy: podcasts

Steve Bassett's Park Sociology podcasts on World Sociology

Globalisation and Global Development [from the Revise Sociology Site]

UEA School of International Development YouTube Channel

UEA School of International Development: 5 Lectures

Global Development #SOCGD  [Ken Browne's curated twitter account For A Level Sociology: Global Development resources]

The following links are to more detailed information which may need some clarification if used for A Level purposes


Economic Development Lectures [theoretical]

Nottingham University Lecture Slides

Sustainable Development slides

The You Tube Channel of Jae Lee

Globalisation article

Globalisation podcast

Reassessing Development Theory

Development Theory: Beyond The Rise of the BRICS

OU free courses

Institute of Development Studies

Global Political Economy Companion website

World Bank Research and publications

World bank development indicators

Atlas of Sustainable Development goals

United Nations Development Programme

Development Initiatives Website

Development Economics Videos

IDS video lectures

More IDS video lectures

Development Lectures from SOAS

Series of short lectures on Development Economics for A Level

Susan George on Neoliberalism

Susan Geoge: Shadow Sovereigns : How Global Corporations are seizing power

Susan George on Power at Stake

Series of lectures by Joseph Stiglitz on Globalisation.

The Guardian : Global Development

Foreign Aid : You Tube Videos

Global Issues website

Overseas Development Institute

Series of articles on the crisis of multilateralism [from Open Democracy}