Government and Politics : Advanced Level [Year 1] and  AS Level Teaching Resources

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New Advanced Level and AS Level  Government and Politics Specifications have been introduced for first teaching from September 2017. There are some variations as between these specifications and I do not cover all of the topics in these Specifications on my site. However I hope that you will nevertheless find some of these resources  useful whatever Specification you are following .

Also you may  click here for links to other Government and Politics  sites which may well contain resources on topics which I have not covered myself.

Click here for the new  EDEXCEL Government and Politics  Specification and  supporting resources and  here  for new assessment guidance from EDEXCEL [Published September 2017]

Click here for free resources supporting the Pearson EXCEL AS and A Level Politics Textbook .

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  • For some information on  school students' demonstrations against climate change click   here and here and here  and here and here  and here

  • Click here to read a review of Naomi Klein's book "This Changes Everything"  and click here for a related study guide.

  • Click here for review of The Politics of the Anthropocene by John S Dryzek and Jonathan Pickering

  • Click here for Guardian coverage, guest edited by school climate change strikers,  of March 15th 2019 school strikes against climate change.

  • Click here to watch David Attenborough BBC documentary: Climate Change: The Facts [Now via BBC YouTube Channel] *****

  • Click here for Extinction Rebellion: last chance to save the world?  BBC documentary*****




Useful Links on Contemporary UK Government and Politics.


New Government and Politics Resources New links September 2019-

  • Click here for publications of the UCL Constitution Unit

  • Click here for lecture by Professor Meg Russell: Does Parliament matter? [From 2014]

New Government and Politics Resources . New Links August 2019 -September 2018 


Politics from the Summer of 2016. This page contains the following  links 




Teaching Notes and Links


AS Government and Politics: Introduction

The State : Power, Authority and Coercion

The Nature of Democracy  Some new links added March 2019

Citizen Participation in Representative Democracies

Click here for the Hansard Society Audit of Political Engagement 2019    NEW April 2019


Taking Liberties [Film]

Social Background of MPs 1979-2017. {House of Commons Library Research Briefing]

Political Participation : Turnout in the 2010 General Election [From OpenLearn]

Trends in UK Political Participation [From Democratic Audit]

Political Disengagement in Britain August 2017

Detailed Guardian Poll on Reasons for not voting  December 2013

The Occupy Movement [External links]

Pluralist and Marxist Theories of the Mass Media: An Introduction  March 2015

How Democratic is the UK? The 2012 Audit [From Democratic Audit]

New Link : Democratic Audit 2017 Audit of Democracy 


Elections, Electoral Systems and Voting Behaviour

Representative Democracy and Elections

 Referendums [ revised with new links to analysis of the EU Referendum]

Referendums in the UK [ Report from House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution} Long, detailed but useful to dip into 

Democracy in Recent Years [from tutor2u]

Sex and Power 2014 : Who runs Britain? [for the  Counting Women In Coalition 2014] NEW September 2014

 FPTP and PR Updated June 2015 [Now includes links to recent Electoral Reform Society Publication]

Is First Past the Post Working ? [From Democratic Audit] 

BBC item on First Past the Post


Different Electoral Systems and Recent Results in Local Government, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, London Mayoral , London Assembly and European Parliament Elections     Updated January 2017


Voting Systems in the UK [House of Commons Library Briefing]     NEW October 2017

Brief Guardian Explanation of Alternative Electoral Systems

*Link to Electoral Reform Society Publications*

Electoral Reform Society Analysis of UK General Election 2017

Link to BBC on Proposed Alternative Vote Referendum

*Link to BBC on N. Ireland Elections*

*Link to BBC on London Mayor Elections*

David Boothroyd 's You Tube Site: massive political archive covering especially thee 1997 and 2001 General Elections ..but much more

Voting Behaviour in the UK  Updated October 2018 

The UK General  Election of 2010 

The UK General Election of 2015:  Useful Links  

The UK General Election of 2017: Useful Links  [NEW June 2017] 

Labour and the 2017 General Election [Guardian Long Read [NEW September 2017]

Current poll ratings for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn [NEW September 2018]

Pressure Groups and Political Parties

Analysing Pressure Groups 

Democracy and Pressure Groups

Factors affecting the Power of Pressure Groups

Pressure Politics [Article by Wyn Grant]

Functions of Political Parties

Click here a series of lectures on British Political Parties   [Gresham College Lectures by Professor Vernon Bogdanor:] NEW links February 2018


Political Parties: Who joins them these days? 

Membership of UK Political Parties [Parliament Research Briefing]

Click here for page of links on the funding of British Political Parties New Link added February 2019

Useful essay on the Post-War Consensus [External link]

Overview of British Party Politics 1960s -2017 [Radio4  Archive on 4] NEW June 2017

 What does conservatism stand for ?[Recent Guardian article by Ed Rooksby]   

Click here for the Political Parties section of the 2012 Democratic Audit Report. Very useful, detailed information September 2012

Are Party Conferences a Waste of Time? Video Debate [40 minutes] with Polly Toynbee and Tim Montgomerie at a Policy Review Function  September 2012

Click here for Guardian Report of the above debate and here for a 2011 Daily Telegraph article On Party Conferences by Peter Oborne  September 2012

Liberalism and the Liberal Democrats  

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition [External links only] 

Nick Clegg: The Liberal who came to Power [2 Part Radio 4 series by Steve Richards]

Lord Paddy Ashdown Obituary [From The Guardian]

The Conservatives in 2011 [From the BBC] 

The Liberal Democrats in 2011 [From the BBC] 

The Labour Party in 2011 [From the BBC]

BBC reviews of the year for Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties  October 2nd  2013

BBC Political Review of 2014


The Coalition: Lessons Learned ?

BBC Political Review of the Year 2015

BBC Political Review of the Year 2016

BBC Political Review of 2017

BBC Political Review of 2018   New link added December 2018

The Labour Party Leadership Election September 2015

The Labour Party Leadership Election 2016

Intra- Labour Party disputes July 2017

What will Tony Blair be remembered for? [2007]

Tony Blair's Legacy 20 Years on

The Liberal Democrats in September 2017 [Andrew Rawnsley]

Labour and Party Conference September 2017

Labour and Single Market September 2017

Party Conferences September-October 2017

The Prime Minister and the Cabinet

Detailed article on Core Executive [From Democratic Audit 2017]

Click here for The UK's Changing Democracy : Democratic Audit 2018 

Click here for The Brexit Effect from the Institute for Government. The implications of Brexit for the UK system of government**** . NEW April 2019  

The Prime Minister

Lecture by Professor Vernon Bogdanor on Prime Ministers form Attlee to Blair

Lectures on Thatcher and Blair

Tony Blair [Interviewed by Jeremy Paxman 2001]

Click here and then follow the relevant link for a very useful sample chapter from Introducing Politics for AS by Peter Holmes on The Executive: Prime Minister and Cabinet

Cabinet Confidential [Documentary]


The Cabinet [ with links to articles on "The Quad" and to a podcast on the Coalition]

Independent article reporting suggestion of "training for Ministers"  NEW June 2013

Some dimensions of Prime Ministerial Power [unfinished]

Useful Resources on Margaret Thatcher from Tutor2U

The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher [A clip from an Andrew  Marr Documentary posted on You Tube]


The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary {now posted on YouTube} on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher]

Margaret Thatcher; Death of a Revolutionary

The Deal

The Blair Years

Useful Resources on Tony Blair from Tutor2U

The Rise and Fall of Tony Blair : One; Two

The Last Days of Tony Blair

Andrew Rawnsley's Three Part Assessment of the Premiership of Tony Blair [From The Guardian]

Heroes or Villains? The Blair Government Reconsidered NEW March 2019

Tony Blair and Parliament [From the BBC]

Click here for Steve Richard's Radio 4 Series on the Premiership of Gordon Brown

LSE Podcast  by Anthony Seldon on the Premiership of Gordon Brown 

Cameron Uncovered [Andrew Rawnsley's Dispatches Documentary from 2010]

Steve Richards' 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike

Cameron at 10 : Antony Seldon discusses his book

Click here for Steve Richards'  3 part Radio 4 Series; The Brexit Prime Minister  


Brexit : A very British Coup>

Page of links on David Cameron and Conservative Ideology  

 The Cabinet Office and the Centre of Government [ House of Lords Report]  Long, detailed but useful to dip into

 BBC Coverage of long detailed House of Lords Debate on PM, Cabinet and related institutions

Core Executive and British Presidency: A Note

Individual Ministerial Responsibility and Collective Cabinet Responsibility   Updated November 2018

Vince Cable and the Tories: Collective Cabinet Responsibility?  [From Huffington Post] NEW March 2014

 Gresham's College Politics Lectures [containing a series on British Prime Ministers]

Click here for You Tube coverage of Professor Anthony King and Sir Ivor Crewe discussing "The Blunders of Our Governments".

The Formation of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition [from the BBC]

How Coalition Government Works { Video from The Constitution Unit of London University

The Coalition: Voters , Parties and Institutions  [Report on first year of Coalition :Institute for Government/University of East Anglia]

The Cabinet Manual 

The Cabinet Manual [Article and video from UCL: scroll down a little way for the video]

Mid -Term Report on the Coalition Government [Detailed Report from the Institute for Government]

The Secret World of Whitehall  and The Great Offices of State

{Two 3 part BBC series via You Tube]

Series of interviews with successive Cabinet Secretaries 1979-- NEW here April 2014

Theresa Versus Boris [Drama Documentary]

Page of Links on Theresa May and The Conservative Party



Parliament in 2017

Social Background of MPs 1979-2017. {House of Commons Library Research Briefing]

How Parliament Works

House of Commons BBC DocumentarySeries2015  : Part One; Part Two Part Three  Part Four

 Meet The Lords Documentary Series 2017 Part One; Part Two

The Law Making process in England and Wales

The Passage of Legislation

Legislation at Westminster [Meg Russell and Daniel Gover :UCL Consitution Unit] NEW December 2017

Legislation at Westminster [Book Review]  NEW December 2017

Private Member's Bill: Votes for 16 year olds

Free Votes in the House of Commons since 1997: Government defeats in the House of Commons 1945-2017

Video Discussion on Prime Minister's Question Time [From OpenLearn]

Hansard Society Report on Prime Minister's  Question Time

House of Commons Library Briefing on PMQT

Work of the House of Lords

Select Committees [Houses of Parliament]

Commons Select Committees [ Parliament video]

Lords Select Committees [Parliament Video]

The House of Lords Committee on Social Mobility

House of Commons Report on Childhood Obesity

Joint Committees

Policy impact of Select Committees [Detailed Report from UCL Constitution Unit]

Select Committees [Guardian]

Select Committees [The Constitution Society]

Dr Meg Russell on The House of Lords

Current data on membership of the House of Lords

More on The House of Lords

Proposed Reform of House of Lords [Guardian]

House of Lords Reform [Full Report]

House of Lords Reform [BBC]


Very useful article on Select Committees [From the Economist November 2013]

Click here for recent BBC information on Private Member's Bills  


Brief Guides to Parliament [ MP, Legislative process, Questions, Select Committees] NEW December 2013

Click here for a recent [2011] very detailed briefing paper on the House of Lords and the case for its reform  by Dr. Alan Renwick for the Political Studies Association.

Click here for the Hansard Society




The UK Constitution

Very Useful Presentation on UK Constitution

UK Supreme Court

European Court of Human Rights [BBC]

European Court of Human Rights and Parliamentary Sovereignty [BBC]

Reform of European Court of Human Rights [BBC]

Click here for 5 Podcasts from Tutor2U on the UK Constitution

 Devolution in Wales  and Scotland [More useful podcasts from Tutor2U]

The Northern Ireland Assembly

The Scottish Parliament and Devolution

The Welsh Assembly

Democratic Audit 2017 on Devolution [Scroll down a little]

Click here for  publications from the University College London Constitution Unit   ;