AS and Advanced Level Government and Politics: Links

Page last edited: 22/12/2018

Students should find the first and third links below most useful and these pages are regularly updated .The other links are now a little dated but they do contain some useful information.


  1. Several Links on UK Politics appear on the AS Government and Politics Title Page
  2.  Links on developments in UK Politics appear on the Aspects of British Politics Page. I have not updated this page since 2016 and the previous link is muyou
  3. My original page of links on UK Government and Politics This page is now a little dated but does still contain some useful links
  4. Several links  on Political Ideologies appear on the  Government and Politics: Political Ideologies Title Page
  5. Further links related to Political Ideologies appear below
  6. My Sociology Links Page
  7. There are additional links on many individual pages of the Website


  1. Click here for a website on Marxist Theory and Practice
  2. Click here for "Who rules America?"
  3. Click here for Purdue University course on Marxism, Feminism and Postmodernism
  4. Click here for The European Enlightenment
  5. Click here for Philosophy pages containing information on Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Marx and many more
  6. Click here for History Guide Lectures on Lenin, Stalin and subsequent  history of USSR.
  7. Click here  for BBC materials on the end of the Cold War and click here for more BBC materials on the failed USSR coup of 1991
  8. Click here for more BBC materials on the aftermath of the 1991 Coup: the banning of the Russian Communist Party
  9. Click here  for BBC materials on Boris Yeltsin
  10. Click here for BBC materials on Vladimir Putin
  11. Click here for  Weimar Republic and Rise of Hitler
  12. Click here for German History 1815-1919
  13. Click here for German History 1919-1949
  14. Click here for Raffael  Scheck's stunning German History Lecture Notes
  15. Click here for the Sempringham History website
  16. Click here for Adolf Hitler
  17. Click here for OU Holocaust Course
  18. Click here for School History resources [...and several other subjects]
  19. Click here for  a website devoted to the Holocaust
  20. Click here for  BBC coverage of 1st and 2nd World Wars, Holocaust and  Cold War
  21. Click here for the Learning Site on Italy 1900-1939
  22. Click here for  some websites on Anarchism
  23. Click here for Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  24. Click here for OU Course on Nationalism
  25. Click here for a lecture course on Liberalism and libertarianism
  26. Click here for Nationalism Site
  27. Click here for Anarchism in Spain
  28. Click here for Bitesize Higher