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I must apologise for any inconvenience but you should now disregard this page. I constructed it when I first published my website about 5 years ago and it is now hopelessly out of date so that I may delete it very soon when I have decided which, if any links are worth keeping . Links to other useful Sociology sites now appear on my Homepage and other links are now distributed all around my site mainly on the module title pages but also within the individual documents which I have written.



 Recent New Links


Click here for a link to Revision World: AS and A2 Sociology Revision

Click here for Education Forum AS and A2 Sociology Resources

Click here for  series of You Tube Podcasts from the Office of National Statistics. on topics  including Income Inequality, Population Trends, Civil Partnerships etc.  NEW

Click here for Sociology Glossary from wordiQ

Click here for Equality and Human Rights Commission Report: How Fair is Britain 2010? 

Click here  for Prof. Frank W. Elwell's very detailed Sociological Theory site at Rogers State University especially suitable for undergraduates and teachers

Click here for Emeritus Professor Paul Gingrich's very detailed Sociology site at University of Regina. [Scroll to bottom of page for link to Prof Gingrich's Home Page which provides many further links to excellent resources  especially suitable for undergraduates and teachers.] 

Click here for Learning and Teaching Scotland Tutor Notes and Student Exercises for Scottish Intermediate and Higher Sociology.  Highly recommended

Click here for the National Grid for Learning in Wales: [NGfL CYMRU.] Follow the links on the NGfL CYMRU page for excellent AS and A2 Sociology resources .

Click here for BBC coverage of Sutton Trust Report on social selectivity of "top comprehensives"

Click here for a very detailed paper from the Institute of Fiscal Studies: The Pupil Premium: Assessing the Options

Click here for Guardian Coverage of Education Policy [2000+ articles!]

Click here for Guardian Coverage of "Fair Society: Healthy Lives"

Click here for An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK. 

Click here for Guardian interactive graphic  on An Anatomy of Economic Inequality in the UK

Click here for Alex Thirkill's Sociology site at Rydens School

Click here for an external PowerPoint on the Nature of Sociology

Click here for another external PowerPoint on the Nature of Sociology

Click here  for Guardian presentation of DCFS data on GCSE Grades by free school meal eligibility, gender and ethnicity in 2009. 

Click here for BBC coverage of these data.

Click here for a searchable BBC site of short video clips on issues such as racism, poverty, democracy etc.


Further Useful Links


The following list provides links to the main websites, specific reports and pages which I have used to prepare the documents on Earlham Sociology Pages. More links appear within  the specific  documents on the site.


        Sociology Central  Very detailed, comprehensive materials written by Chris Livesey and directly related to AS and A2 Sociology subject specifications.

The Office of National Statistics or ONS{ This link will take you to the ONS Homepage. Visit the subject menu on the left hand side of the ONS Homepage.

The ONS "Focus On" Series.  The ONS has produced a very useful series of reports focusing on various aspects of UK society. Follow this link and scroll down for reports focussing on Social Inequalities, Families, Ethnicity , Religion etc.

Social Trends 2011 Very useful data on a range of social issues. Once you reach the Social Trends 2011 page you may scroll down for links to specific chapters

 Social Trends 2009 and Social Trends 2010  There are some slight variations in the coverage of topics in different annual editions of Social Trends so that it is sometimes useful to look at ,say, the 2009  and 2010 editions  as well as the current 2011 edition.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation This site is an excellent source of current research findings on a wide range of sociological issues related especially to Poverty, Family , Education and Crime and Deviance.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and recent research into Poverty and Educational Disadvantage.

 Poverty.org This site provides excellent information on Poverty in the UK

Channel 4 News

The BBC News Education Site

The BBC On "Race" and Ethnicity

Liverpool Museum's Website on The Slave Trade

The Institute of Race Relations:

Open2Net Information on  social and political issues from the Open University

Openlearn Homepage   Freely available course materials from the Open University. Choose the "Society" option and then look at the individual courses several of which relate to sociological issues. Perhaps more useful for teachers than for Advanced Level Sociology students.

Click here  for  the Equalities Review document entitled Fairness and Freedom which is a very useful source on social inequalities in Britain .

Click here  for a recent Education Report from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Very detailed but very useful on students' and parents' attitudes to education. The data provided may be used to evaluate theories based upon cultural deprivation.

Click here  for House of Commons Library Research Papers.  Most of these papers are "political" rather than "sociological" but there are excellent papers on electoral statistics 1918-2007 [paper 08/012] and on the 2005 and 2010 General Election s and also regular papers on "social indicators". You will need to scroll through the index but it is simple enough!

Click here for UK Polling Report: links to all major polling organisations . Excellent graphics of recent opinion poll trends. To switch between polling organisations scroll down a little till you see Polling figures and an opinion poll diagram.  Labour supporters will be hoping that the late Harold Wilson was right when he said, "A week in Politics is a long time."

Bill Jones' Blog  Bill Jones is the acclaimed author of Politics UK. In his Blog he provides an informative, lively commentary on current political events which will prove useful for Sociology students, especially for those studying "Power and Politics".

       Click here for a  very full glossary  of sociological terms  by David Bown and Janis Griffiths


     The following sites are large and technical...possibly more useful for teachers than for students.

      Crime and Deviance Lecture Notes: Robert Keel at the University of Missouri: St Louis

     John Lea's excellent and very detailed Crime and Deviance Site

     Jock Young's excellent and very detailed Crime and Deviance Site