UKIP: and the Greens  Some Useful Links

I have not considered the rise of UKIP and Green support in any of my documents on voting behaviour but here, at least are a  few useful inks.

  1. Understanding UKIP [Political Quarterly article by Robert Ford and Matthew Goodwin
  2. Mapping UKIP's Polling Strength [BBC]
  3. UKIP: the Story of the rise of UKIP [BBC]
  4. Guardian coverage of UKIP [1500+ articles]
  5. Click here  and then follow the relevant links for YouGov data on long term trends  in voting intention and check the latest poll to see composition of UKIP and Green support by age, class, gender, region, past voting record
  6. Click here for YouGov data on trends in Green support: they have recently overtaken the Liberal Democrats in the polls.
  7. Click here for YouGov data on the social composition of Green and UKIP support 
  8. Click here for BBC coverage and here for Guardian coverage  of Rochester and Strood By-election and here for resignation of Emily Thornberry from Labour Shadow Cabinet.